Malawi affectionately known as ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’ – nicknamed because its people are so hospitable. This small country boasts unspoiled beauty, and is one of the easiest countries in which to combine ‘a wilderness safari and beach’. Malawi has an interesting story to tell – the wildlife, culture, adventure, scenery, and of course the third largest lake in Africa. 

Lake Malawi a UNESCO World Heritage Site stretches almost 80km wide and gives the impression of the open sea. Here, visitors spend idyllic holidays snorkelling or diving in the crystalline lake or lazing on its beaches.

It has a range of popular tourist attractions, including Mulanje Mountain and Zomba Plateau. National parks are another common tourist destination. Notable sites include Nyika National ParkKasungu National Park, and Liwonde National Park.

Malawi Safari

Malawi country rich in culture being one of the smallest countries in Africa popularly known as the Heart of Africa, with the vast Lake Malawi which is 585 km long and up to 100 km wide. A landlocked country bordered by Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique it has seven national parks and wildlife reserves, as well as luxury beach resorts, it is perfect for the seasoned traveller. The Nyika Plateau has 400 bird species, 200 orchid species and magnificent leopard whilst Cape Maclear is virtually unrivalled for watersports and diving. The climate is mostly that typical of a lakeshore – hot, sunny and humid. To the north of the lake the shore is edged by the densely wooded mountains of the Rift Valley Escarpment, whilst the south has sandy beaches making it ideal for water sports – windsurfing, kayaking, waterskiing, sailing, surfing and canoeing to name but a few or The beach resorts are second to none in Africa, with luxury accommodation available to help you relax in style.

 Deluxe cruises in and around Monkey Bay are also available, with some exclusive floating accommodation available including an ocean-going yacht and a converted ferry. Likoma Island and the Mozambican lakeshore are also excellent places to visit. The beautifully clear waters is an idea for scuba diving and if you are not a scuba diving enthusiast, it is possible to do a day course in which you are taken through the basics, thus allowing you to go for a short dive. Cape Maclear and the Southern Lakeshore are ideal for this type of scuba diving day trip the Nyika Plateau and the Liwonde National Park.

The most popular national park is Nyika Plateau that averages a height of 2,000 m above sea level. With almost 100 species of recorded mammals including Burchell’s zebra that is common to the Nyika and the most concentrated leopard population in central Africa, game viewing is good all year round, and the flatness of the plateau makes visibility good. This area is popular for cycling too, and it is possible to hire a bike and go for a quick ride in one of the most unique places in Africa.

The Liwonde National Park has a variety of animals such as large herds of elephants, hippo pods in the lake, and many different antelope including the sable. This park has been described as fulfilling many romantic notions about Africa. Other national parks and nature reserves that are the Vwaza Marsh, the Zomba Plateau and the Thyolo Region.

Malawi is also good for the expert traveller, with a huge variety of flora for botanists, and many species of birds for keen bird watchers.

You can visit Lake Malawi any time of the year. Hiking or walking areas in Malawi are also  good throughout the year. However most people prefer to visit Malawi in the dry season between April and October. The wet season -November and March is good for bird watching but roads and bridges can often be flooded during that time of the year.