covid gurantee and general information

New Bookings – Covid-19 refund guarantee  

We would like you to book your safari with confidence and peace of mind in these uncertain times because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on travel.
We shall use the term ‘you’, to refer to one or more of the people travelling on your booking with Travel Agape. Our COVID-19 Refund Guarantee allows flexibility in Bookings in addition to our Standard Booking Conditions.


What is a Covid-19-related Issue?

A Covid-19-related issue is one of the following which affects you personally:

Having tested positive for Covid-19 within 21 days of your departure date.

If your international flights have been cancelled and no alternative flight available for you to use in order to start your journey.

If you have been given a mandate by the government to quarantine for Covid-19 within 7 days of your departure in order to self-isolate because you were in contact with a person who has, or may have, Covid-19.

The government of the country you are residing in mandates that you will have to quarantine upon your return.

If the government of the country you are residing in bans you from travelling abroad or issues a warning which affects the country (s) you wish to travel to which are mentioned in your Travel Agape itinerary.

If the government of the countries mentioned in your itinerary issues a lockdown to ban travellers from visiting the countries.

It the destination(s) on your itinerary mandates quarantine on your arrival which significantly changes your itinerary.

If the country(s) mentioned on your itinerary closes its borders to you because of your country of residence or your recent travel history.

You are Guaranteed of a Refund

Now that we have defined Covid-19-related issues we would like to guarantee that if you need to cancel your booking relating to these issues you may do so by sending us an email with suitable formal evidence of the Covid-19 reason.

If we receive your cancellation between 80 days and 72 hours before the start of your itinerary with Travel Agape then you can choose either to postpone your trip to a later date or receive a full refund.

You may postpone your trip to an agreed future date ahead (6-24 months) if we receive your cancellation in less than 72 hours before the start of your itinerary with Travel Agape. We try to reduce additional costs which may occur due to price changes of peak season, mid-season and off-peak season.

Travel Agape will contact you should African service providers require extra security about your booking between the time of the booking and 72 hours before departure. Options available.                                                                                                                      (a) Cancel and get a full refund from Travel Agape                                                                                                 (b) We may continue to hold your booking and amend it as you wish, but Covid-19 Refund Guarantee and extra security for the safari camps will apply. We will check with you if you are happy before we proceed to confirm any changes.                                                                                                             A confirmed booking should be paid for 60 days before the date of travel stated on the itinerary.