Please read this information as it is vital information necessary for your Travel. Combine this information with our Booking Conditions.

CUSTOM-MADE TRIPS                                                                                                                                        Please note that we can plan trips which are custom made for you and at a price that you are happy with. We plan your trips also utilizing lodges and Camps which are not featured in the website. When all the reservations have been confirmed, your deposit is processed, and we will issue you with a confirmation invoice. 

CHANGES TO BOOKINGS                                                                                                                                               If we make changes on your confirmed itinerary for example change the lodge/ camp if it becomes unavailable we will contact you promptly and make alternative arrangements and absorb any costs which might occur. You may also contact us while you are on holiday should you want to change your itinerary. We will try our level best to assist and minimize any costs which might occur.  If you make your own changes we will not be able to help.

LATE BOOKINGS                                                                                                                                                           All late bookings should be paid for in full immediately upon confirmation of the booking.

PAYMENT, TRAVEL VOUCHERS AND LATE BOOKINGS The balance of the amount due should be settled 60 days before your departure. All Travel Vouchers including Information pack will be sent to the address on your invoice, about 6 weeks before your departure. Our office will follow up to ensure all Travel Vouchers and Information pack was received.

CHILDREN AND INFANTS Family trips can be arranged but some lodges will not accommodate children because they can be unpredictable, and this is dangerous in areas where there are wild animals. The risk of taking full responsibility of your children rests upon the adults accompanying them. Travel Agape and the lodges, camps, hotels concerned will not be held accountable for any accident which may arise on a child, unless they were of negligent.

SPECIAL REQUESTS                                                                                                                                                Please write on our Booking Form any special requests or needs. You may make use of our Special Requests Form to write detailed dietary or medical requests and Special room requests with good views or closeness to the dining area for the elderly. Although we cannot guarantee some requests we will help the best we can to meet the request and communicate back to you what we managed to secure since we have a representative in Africa.

SAFETY AND THEFT                                                                                                                                                      We all know that theft has always been a problem all over the world. For self-drives please do not leave anything at the backseat unattended. Rather utilize the boot and lock it up there. It is your responsibility to be cautious, pay attention and take precautions to avoid theft or muggings. Most travel insurance policies exclude claims for thefts of items from unattended vehicles, unless in a locked boot. 

Please check your policy before you travel for precise exclusions. It may be better to take a house insurance if you wish to travel overseas with valuables. 

TRAVEL INSURANCE                                                                                                                                        It is a requirement for travel to Africa in general that guests are covered for travel, medical and cancellation insurance. You need to have insurance before you leave on your trip. Specifically, all members of your party must be adequately insured for any medical emergency that could arise, including the potentially very high cost of an air evacuation back to your home country. Other benefits of travel insurance usually include cover for cancellation and loss or theft of your belongings. Travel Agape does not sell travel insurance and we cannot recommend particular providers or policies.


WHEN ON SAFARI From the moment that you arrive in the bush please listen to the safety briefings provided by the hosts and the local safari guides. Safari properties operate in unfenced areas where wildlife freely move around. In these unfenced camps always request a guide to escort you when walking around. Do not attempt to touch any plants, animals or insects even if they seem harmless they could be hazardous. Many safari camps and lodges issue guests an Indemnity Form upon arrival after the Safety briefings given so please listen carefully. If there is anything you are not sure about you may ask the host and guide to clarify. If you encounter a problem which affects your safari experience while on the trip please ask the manager to inform us immediately so that we may be able to help. Do not wait to point out the issue or problem when you return from your safari as this will be ineffective. You may also call us yourself buy using the emergency contact numbers provided within your travel documentation. If you encounter a medical emergency, or any situation which is likely to result in a personal insurance claim, you should also alert your insurers. 

PASSPORTS, VISAS AND HEALTH All passports, visas, health certificates, inoculations, prophylactics and international driving permits, etc are the responsibility of the traveller. With regards to health you can also check out latest information on the World Health Organisation website. Passports should be valid for 6 months after you return. At the time of writing, holders of British/American passports need visas for the countries included in our programme, except South Africa, Botswana and Namibia (many of these are available on arrival). Please tell us if you do not have a British or American passport when you book.   It is important to review the advice given by your Foreign office on any country that you are visiting before you book and just before you travel.

AN AFRICAN EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                                         Travel Agape has extensive knowledge of all of the countries on our website.  We must say that a trip to Africa is an experience which means you may have to adjust the way you would do things at home with the way things work in Africa. In Swahili they call it ‘ Pole Pole’  which means slowly slowly. You will need to be a bit patient. If you want a predictable trip, do not go to Africa because life in Africa is completely different from the life in the UK, Europe, America and Canada.

Considering the African cultural aspect – it requires your respect. Otherwise we believe your holiday will be fantastic with lots to share with your friends when you return back home.


The best advice in preparing for a trip to Africa is to pack light. No one dresses up and lightweight clothing is best; preferably select natural fabrics and 100% cotton materials. It is also advisable to wear neutral tones for a safari, such as khaki and earth tones; as bright colours and whites can attract insects and can also disturb game on during excursions.

Here is our suggested packing list:

Your passport
Visas (if applicable)
Vaccination details
Travel vouchers 

Insurance documents + medical insurance
Copies of prescribed medication (if applicable)
Driving licence (if hiring a car)
Credit cards
Travel money
Copies of itinerary
Camera with spare batteries and extra film
Mobile phone + phone charger (if you plan to bring a cell phone)
Travel adapters
A good sunhat that protects the neck as well as the face
If you wear glasses, an extra pair of reading glasses
A good pair of hard wearing, worn-in walking shoes
A pair of sandals/sneakers
A lightweight rain jacket (if you are travelling to visiting in the wetter months)

A sweater/fleece top for cooler nights or a tracksuit
An anti-histamine cream for minor bites and scratches
Good sun cream protections and lip balm
Insect repellent
Plasters for blisters
A remedy for upset stomachs/diarrhoea
A general painkiller like paracetamol
A good flashlight fitted with new batteries + spare batteries
A swimming costume
Personal toiletries. It is useful to pack a non-perfumed deodorant as mosquitoes can be attracted to perfumed scents

Maps and guidebooks
Reading material for flights
Address book (for writing postcards home)
A water bottle